Ultimate Chicken Horse with Friends - Episode 66 [Olympians]

Date: 05 December 2016

Episode Medal Table:

Name Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Apollo 3 0 1
Northernlion 1 2 2
Rob 0 3 1
Nick 1 0 1


Events played during the episode:

Event Status
Display Results Javelin Throw Completed
Display Results Archery (Men) Completed
Display Results Long Jump Completed
Display Results 110 Meter Hurdles Completed
Display Results 3m Springboard Diving (Men) Completed


Results of the 3m Springboard Diving (Men):

Comepetitor Result Medal
Apollo 592 points Gold Medal
Northernlion 580.8 points Silver Medal
Nick 442.9 points Bronze Medal
Rob 421.2 points

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