New Moon Record

Now updated and celebrating the release of Tokyo 2020!

A website that stores the records of all NLSS Olympic competitions. Especially the all important moon, and sometimes Mars records

How is Tokyo 2020 working?

Episodes and Events have been given a new key field to tie them to their specific game. This means episode links, records and results will be categorized within each game.

This has been done because Toyko 2020 is immensely more arcadey than London 2012. For example first time playing it with MALF. NL Has already broken the all time moon record for the 100m dash that was set by Apollo in London 2012.

Also, the track and field times/distances have had their values expanded to include thousandths of a second and millimeters so these numbers will be different to London 2012.

I will keep the records separate because of this different level of arcadeyness and the clear indications that these games will not have records even remotely close to each other.

Have you spotted an error?

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Future Plans

The current state of this website is far from complete and click below to see what will be added.

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