New Moon Record

Now updated(in the backend) in preparation for the release of Tokyo 2020!

A website that stores the records of all NLSS Olympic competitions. Especially the all important moon, and sometimes Mars records

How will Tokyo 2020 work?

Episodes and Events have been given a new key field to tie them to their specific game. This means episode links, records and results will be categorized within each game.
This has been done because I have no idea how the timings and "arcadeyness" of Tokyo 2020 will compare to London 2012.
Also, the track and field times/distances have had their values expanded to include thousandths of a second and millimeters so these numbers will be different to London 2012.
I will keep the records separate but if the values are relatively close enough I will make a unified OVERALL record page in addition to the individual record pages.

Have you spotted an error?

If you have spotted an error in this site or have a suggestion, click the contact button below and fill out the form and I will take care of the correction/suggestion as soon as possible. Thank you <3

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Future Plans

The current state of this website is far from complete and click below to see what will be added.

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